Jetpack Hints

You have Jetpack, right? Please tell me you have Jetpack. You've at least played it, right? Okay, if you have, you rock. If you haven't, click here and get it now!!! (If you have a Mac, you're excused.)
Jetpack is a platform game that runs on DOS but it still plays well if you have Windows. You're this little guy who flies around and uses a laser-thingy to break through brick. In every level, you try to collect all the crystals and then get to the door before the evil robots get to you. The coolest thing is that you can make your own levels and download hundreds more of the internet. It's what I like to call an Infinitely Expandable Game, or an IEG.

Some of the levels you can get are pretty hard so I've compiled a list of hints that should be very helpful to you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of You vs. Robots
1. Trackbots You are faster than trackbots, and you also have the ability to jump and fly over barriers. If you're smart, you can fake them out to go the wrong way. They cannot chage direction unless they run into something. They will do their best to get to your location. They will use ladders or jump of cliffs.
2. Steel balls Steel balls are stupid. They have no idea where you are and they don't care. The path they take can be easily predicted. They can go faster than you unless you fly.
3. Springs They only go up and down. It's hard not to miss them. Tight corridors with springs pose a problem.
4. Missles Missles are pretty much steel balls that can fly - they are easily predictable. Even with your jetpack on, you go only a smidgen faster than they do.
5. Spikes Spikes are missiles that go diagonally instead of horizontally and vertically - easily predictable. You can be easily overpowered by a large group of spikes.
6. Flitzer Flitzers are stupid. You are smart. Very unpredictable. They give you no hints as to which way they will go - and they can fly.
7. Batbot Botbots are trackbots that fly. If you're smart, you can fake them out and get them out of your hair for a while. Batbots have been known to change course in midair, making them hard to avoid.
8. Homers 20 homers is as dangerous as one homer. Homers are also slow. I hate homers. They can go through walls and they will go strait toward you. They cannot be stopped unless you get a freezer.

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